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The proposed system joins data processing techniques with evaluation of primary care medical staff and can be important both for monitoring cases outside the radar of the hospital system and for tracking the actual evolution of the virus.

Objectives of the solution

Improve outpatient care for cases or suspected cases of covid-19.
Stratification of covid-19 positive patients according to a score of severity and risk of bad evolution.
Prediction of the evolution of cases. Anticipation in decision making.
Geo-temporal follow-up of outpatient cases and their evolution.
Prediction of the dispersion of cases.
Study the spatial distribution of the pandemic.
Management and optimization of resources in the health crisis.

Positive COVID-19 patients in outpatient follow-up present different clinical courses that can be characterized by a clinical scale that classifies them according to the risk of serious evolution. Medymap also provides an interactive map that is updated daily to assist in the tracking and identification of potential Covid patients at increased risk of requiring hospitalization. This map is complemented with tables and graphs to show the data in a very visual and summarized way.

The web automatically collects risk factors for hospitalization from the electronic medical record, so that patients are stratified instantly. In addition, it also collects the classification with the personal assessment of the primary care physician, who will evaluate the severity of the patient in a three-color scale (green, yellow and orange). The final result is to join both assessments to obtain a total risk of admission. It will help to control and plan the admissions, so that the patient could be indicated his/her hospitalization need, even without going through the emergency room, eliminating a new place of possible contagion. The proposed system combines data processing techniques with evaluation by primary care medical staff and can be important both for monitoring cases outside the hospital system's radar and for tracking the actual evolution of the virus.

An exploratory and retrospective study was carried out to define a clinical scale for stratification of patients according to their clinical course. This score will be applied to the patients in follow-up as a triage and will allow their classification in three categories according to the clinical course. The patients in “green” are those that present good evolution or are asymptomatic. Patients in “yellow” are those who show symptoms. The patients “orange” correspond to those that present a torpid evolution. Patients requiring hospitalization will be classified as “red” and will end at that point the outpatient follow-up.

On the other hand, thanks to the map location of all the cases in outpatient follow-up, it is possible to analyze the workload in each area, as well as to observe the evolution and dispersion of the cases allowing to draw conclusions from the sources of contagion of this disease and to make predictions. The map allows to see all the cases or only those classified in any of the categories. It also allows filtering by health centers of reference.

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